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5 products

  • Introducing the 42 Piece Kitchen Set - the perfect one-stop-shop for all your pretend cooking needs! Jam-packed with every essential for culinary exploration, from pots and...

    42-Piece Simulation Kitchen Playset with Water Spray,and Light

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  • A perfect addition to your child's play kitchen! This electric dishwasher kitchen toy is designed to make dishwashing fun and exciting for your little one. With its...

    Electric Dishwasher With Running Water For Kids | Kitchen & Cooking Toy Set

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  • Ignite your child’s imagination and culinary creativity with the Modern Kitchen Set! This comprehensive kitchen toy for kids features realistic appliances, vibrant accessories, and interactive elements...

    Modern Kitchen Set | Kitchen Toy For Kids

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  • Product Highlights: Realistic Role-Play: Our Kids Kitchen Toy Set offers an authentic dishwasher and sink simulation, encouraging imaginative role-play that mirrors real-life kitchen experiences. Interactive Learning:...

    Plastic pretend play kitchen toys with a simulated electric dishwasher and sink, featuring an electric water wash basin toy for children

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  • Introducing our innovative plastic cutting toy! This versatile product allows kids to slice through its vibrant pieces with a plastic knife, experiencing the fun of chopping...

    Happy Dessert Day Cutting Toy

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