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    The ABC Puzzle Foam Mat is the perfect educational tool for young children. This soft and safe foam mat is perfect for playtime, naptime, and anytime...

    ABC Puzzle Foam Mat for Kids

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    Sale price Rs.2,899.00 Regular price Rs.3,000.00
  • Introducing the magical water floating markers! These markers allow you to create beautiful paintings that float in water. Simply draw on the spoon and let it dry...

    Magical Water Floating Markers

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    Introducing the "Mystery Treasure Book Magic Diary" – Unlock the Secrets of Imagination! Unleash the magic of discovery and the thrill of adventure with the Mystery...

    Mystery Treasure Book Magic Diary & Stationery Set for Girls

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    Sale price Rs.3,750.00 Regular price Rs.4,000.00
  • This Book promotes the use of preschool workbooks as an effective way for children to develop handwriting skills, eye-hand coordination, and other basic skills necessary for...

    Four Reusable Magic Books With Markers For Kids

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    Looking for a fun and interactive way to help your child develop their artistic skills? Look no further than the Drawing Projector Table for Kids! Our...

    Drawing Projector Table for Kids - Trace and Draw Projector Toy with Light & Music

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    Sale price Rs.2,200.00 Regular price Rs.2,500.00
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    Ignite Imagination with Creative Forts: Build Colorful Castles and More! Are you ready to embark on a magical journey of creativity and construction? Creative Forts is...

    68 Pcs Kids Creative Fortress Building Set DIY Toys

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    Sale price Rs.2,400.00 Regular price Rs.3,000.00
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    The 2 in 1 Magnetic Drawing Board Case is the perfect combination of creativity and convenience. This innovative product features a magnetic drawing board on one...

    2 in 1 Magnetic Drawing Board Case

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    Sale price Rs.1,500.00 Regular price Rs.1,750.00
  • Introducing the Magic Drawing Board for Kids – where creativity knows no bounds! Unleash your child's imagination and artistic flair with this innovative and interactive drawing...

    Magic Drawing Board For Kids

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  • Introducing STEM Magnetic Sticks: Unleash Creativity and Learning Through Play! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and imagination? STEM Magnetic Sticks...

    42 PCS STEM Magnetic Sticks | Create 3d Objects | Creative & Colorful

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  • Introducing the Apple Magnetic Magpad for Pixel Art - Elevate Your Creative Pixelation! Unleash your inner pixel artist with the Apple Magnetic Magpad, a groundbreaking tool...

    Apple Magnetic Magpad for Pixel Art

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  • Introducing Panda Talking Flash Cards – a dynamic educational tool designed to engage young learners while promoting language development and cognitive growth. Key Features: Interactive Learning:...

    Panda Talking Flash Cards

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  • Play and learn with the exciting Monkey Balance game. This interactive game allows kids to practice simple math skills through addition and subtraction. Simply select a...

    Monkey Balance Educational Fun Game

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    Introducing the ultimate creative tool for kids: the 3D Drawing Pen! This innovative pen allows kids to bring their artistic visions to life in three dimensions....

    3D Drawing Pen For Kids

    Regular price Rs.2,800.00
    Sale price Rs.2,800.00 Regular price Rs.3,200.00
  • Introducing our Learning Wooden Puzzle Toys – an educational delight designed to engage young minds in the world of language and numbers. With four captivating variants...

    Learning Wooden Puzzle Toys | Alif Bay Pay ABC Numbers

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  • Immerse yourself in the world of words and strategic thinking with Scrabble – the classic 2 to 4 players board and letter game that has stood...

    Scrabble | 2 - 4 Players Board & Letter Game

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  • Introducing the Scrabble & Monopoly 2 in 1 Board Games – a perfect fusion of wordplay and strategic financial management, bringing two timeless classics together for...

    Scrabble & Monopoly | 2 in 1 Board Games

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    Sale price Rs.2,999.00 Regular price
  • Introducing the Artist Drawing Board – a versatile and creative Double-Faced Drawing Board that comes equipped with a plethora of painting accessories, providing budding artists with...

    Artist Drawing Board | Double Faced Drawing Board With Many Painting Accessories

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    Sale price Rs.10,999.00 Regular price
  • Introducing the STEM Magic Magnet Blocks – an innovative Magnetic Square Run Set that combines the magic of magnetism with the principles of STEM (Science, Technology,...

    STEM Magic Magnet Blocks | Magnetic Square Run Set

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  • Introducing the "Magic Screen Happy Learning" – an enchanting educational toy designed to captivate the minds of young learners aged 3 and above. This innovative toy...

    Magic Screen Happy Learning | Animated Moving Pictures

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  • Introducing "Artistic Revelations: The Ultimate Pictionary Game" Unleash your creativity and let the artistic magic flow with our exhilarating Pictionary game – Artistic Revelations! Gather your...

    Pictionary | Board Game

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    Sale price Rs.2,100.00 Regular price
  • Unleash the power of imagination with our Blocks Creative Table – a multifunctional masterpiece that seamlessly blends the joy of building with blocks and the magic...

    Blocks Creative Table | Building Blocks Table | Drawing Board

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    Sale price Rs.3,899.00 Regular price
  • Illuminate your creativity with our LED 3in1 Painting Board – the perfect blend of artistry and technology! This Glowing Painting Board takes the joy of painting...

    LED 3in1 Painting Board | Glowing Painting Board | Paint Art's With Led Lights

    Regular price Rs.7,499.00
    Sale price Rs.7,499.00 Regular price
  • A 26-piece set of colorful matching eggs offers an engaging and educational experience for kids. Each egg comes in vibrant colours and contains various shapes or...

    26 Pcs Set Of Colorful Matching Eggs For Kids

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    Sale price Rs.3,999.00 Regular price
  • A set of 12 Pcs Montessori Kids Learning & Matching Eggs is designed to provide children with a versatile and educational play experience. These eggs are...

    12 Pcs Montessori Kids Learning & Matching Eggs

    Regular price Rs.2,000.00
    Sale price Rs.2,000.00 Regular price