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Lol Surprise Doll House | Big Doll House

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Step into the enchanting world of LOL Surprise with our LOL Surprise Doll House – the epitome of fun, fashion, and endless imaginative play! This Big Doll House is designed for children aged 3 and above, providing a delightful and interactive experience with a host of exciting features.

Product Details:

  1. Age Group: Ideal for children aged 3 and above, the LOL Surprise Doll House is crafted with safety and age-appropriate design considerations, ensuring a magical play experience for the little ones.

  2. Equipment Included:

    • 2 LOL Dolls: Meet your favorite LOL characters and embark on countless adventures with the included dolls.
    • House-Bag: The dollhouse unfolds from a compact house-bag into a spacious playset, offering portability and convenience.
    • TV: A miniature TV adds a touch of realism to the LOL dollhouse, making it a cozy and modern space for the dolls.
    • Bathroom: Complete with adorable details, the bathroom area enhances the dollhouse experience with imaginative play possibilities.
    • Dressing Table with Chair: Your LOL dolls can glam up and get ready for the spotlight at the stylish dressing table.
    • Wardrobe: A dedicated space for storing LOL doll outfits and accessories, ensuring everything is neat and organized.
    • Stickers: Customize and decorate the dollhouse with vibrant stickers for a personalized touch.
  3. Packaging: The LOL Surprise Doll House comes in a sturdy cardboard box, ensuring safe delivery and easy storage when not in use.

  4. House LOL “Big House” in Box 8341:

    • 4 Rooms: Explore the intricately designed LOL dollhouse featuring four rooms that set the stage for imaginative storytelling and play.
    • 2 Balconies with Light and Sound: The two balconies add a touch of magic with light and sound effects, creating an immersive play environment.
  5. Dimensions:

    • House Dimensions: 80.5 x 68 x 25 cm – providing ample space for creative play and storytelling.
  6. Complete Set:

    • In the set, you'll find the LOL Surprise Doll House, 2 balconies, 6 LOL dolls, and a myriad of accessories, allowing children to dive into a world of endless possibilities.
  7. Surprising Extras:

    • Explore the thrill of surprise with the LOL Surprise Doll House, as it includes 6 LOL dolls, each one chosen at random. Unwrapping the dolls adds an extra layer of excitement to playtime, as each doll comes with its own unique personality and accessories.
    • Full of Little Surprises: Dive into a world of miniature delights! From tiny combs to other charming accessories, the LOL Surprise Doll House is brimming with little surprises that enhance the imaginative play experience. Uncover the unexpected with every unboxing, adding an element of surprise and delight to your child's play sessions.

Unbox the joy and excitement with the LOL Surprise Doll House – a big, colorful world where every room tells a different story. Perfect for solo or group play, this dollhouse sparks creativity and brings the magic of LOL Surprise to life. Order now and let the adventures begin!

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