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INTEX Inflatable 3 Ring Swimming Pool For Children 2ft x 8.5in

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The INTEX Inflatable 3 Ring Swimming Pool is a small, 2-foot deep pool designed for children to enjoy water play. Made of durable PVC material, it features three inflatable rings for stability. With a compact size, usually around 3-4 feet in diameter, it's suitable for small spaces. The pool is easy to set up by inflating the rings, and it typically has a water capacity of 100-200 gallons. Designed for toddlers and young kids, it offers a safe environment for water fun. Adult supervision is crucial, and it's recommended to set up the pool on a flat surface away from sharp objects.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hania Sohail

Great Pool For kids, much appreciated

Wariesh Mahil

Easy to clean and store, we have had many enjoyable summer days with this pool.

Rukayya Afzal

Highly recommend this pool for hot summer days, my kids have a blast playing in it.

Yawar Khalil

Perfect size for toddlers, we use it in our backyard and it keeps the little ones entertained.