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F22 Remote Control Fighter Jet for Kids

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Introducing the ultimate RC Glider Aircraft F-22 2.4GHz, designed to dominate both the marine and air realms. This extraordinary model combines cutting-edge features that redefine your remote-controlled experience:

  1. Lightweight Design: Crafted with precision engineering, the F-22 boasts a lightweight construction. This allows it to effortlessly glide through the air and swiftly manoeuvre across water surfaces. Enjoy seamless transitions between flying and floating modes, all while maintaining optimal performance.

  2. LED Drone: Witness the stunning LED lights illuminating your aircraft as it soars through the skies or gracefully sails on the water. These captivating lights not only enhance visibility but also add a touch of visual brilliance.

  3. USB Charging: Actions with the F-22's convenient USB charging capability. It has a Long battery life of 3.7V 250mAh/h x 2 high density lithium battery saves long flying time. 

  4. 2.4GHz Control System: Take full control of your F-22 with the advanced 2.4GHz control system. This cutting-edge technology ensures seamless communication between the transmitter and the glider, guaranteeing responsive and precise maneuvers.

  5. With the RC Glider Aircraft F-22 2.4GHz, Its lightweight design, mesmerizing LED lights, hassle-free USB charging, and reliable 2.4GHz control system make it the perfect companion for conquering both air and marine terrains. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Abdul Rauf Gujjar

Love the dealings

Dayan Afzal

Quick and easy setup, ready to fly within minutes. Will Order other products from toy factory again. Truly satisfied

Talat Jabeen

Easy to assemble and operate.It has durable construction

Rifa Sheikh

Good flight time and control range. My Kid loved it!!

Hifza Arif

This jet has Long flight time and decent range for outdoor use. Great product for Kids