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M416 Gel Blaster Automatic Toy Gun

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Feel the thrill of tactical action in the palm of your hand with the Mini M416 Automatic Gel Blaster Gun. This exciting automatic gel blaster brings the fun of airsoft without the mess and pain of plastic BBs.

  • Fires a rapid stream of water absorbing orbeez gel beads from its 300 round magazine
  • High-performance rechargeable battery powers up to 1000 shots per charge
  • Realistic 1:1 scale replica M416 design modeled after special forces rifles
  • Adjustable hop-up provides increased range and accuracy
  • Includes safety glasses for eye protection

Experience the intense excitement of simulated combat action with this Mini M416. Its automatic firing unleashes a blizzard of orbeez at your opponents, raining down suppressive gel fire. The lightweight replica body and solid construction capture the look and feel of the real steel M416 for immersive backyard battles.

Designed for teens and adults, this automatic gel blaster gun takes your gel wars to the next level. Charge into battle and surprise your friends with the thrill of its full-auto firing. The Mini M416 adds military replica realism to your gel blaster collection without costly ammo.

Package Includes:

  1. Battery
  2. Charging cable
  3. 1000 Gel Bullets
  4. Hoop
  5. Magazine bottle
  6. Compensator


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Gel Balls Instuctions

1- Get your ammunation ready! Add some orbeez to the container and addd water. Leave it for 2-4 hours to let them expand. These orbeez can grow 7-8mm and are all standard size. Only use orbeez provided with the gun or order more here:
2- Insert the feed neck.
3- Open the battery compartment, take out the cable inside, connect it to the battery and place it back inside then lock the compartent.
4- Fill the hopper with orbeez, make sure water is removed. Then dock it onto the feed neck
5- Turn the switch on and start shooting!

Customer Reviews

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Very Happy with this gun

Good quality! Water balls hit a bit hard but that's fun.